Blake Ward

Adonael Marble

The Figure

Adonael Marble
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This archangel is thought to hold great power of healing and has divine knowledge of the forces that cause disease and ill-fortune.
In Angelic lore she is said to have the power to vanquish the illness or agony associated with sin and negative karma.
She may extinguish the sorrow and adversity that provides the influence of an unclean spirit and free those souls burdened by great suffering.
An Angel of great compassion she is known to cast judgement on sin and mercy on those soul’s seeking sanctuary, or lacking faith.
As a great protector and deliverer of suffering souls, she knows the mystery of the fear and has the ability to repress it in both animals and humans.
She is known to have special powers of spiritual healing, and can free souls from torment.
One Quarter Life-size Female Torso
Hand carved Carrara Marble
Photo Phil Hill



51cm, 21cm, 18cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Unique Piece
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