Sigita Dackeviciute

Newsfeed, 2022

The idea of ​​the work is a stream of relevant and controversial news about the world around us, which fills our daily lives and explodes us from the inside: these include reports about political conflicts arising in different parts of the world, resolved with weapons, about refugees, poverty; and ecological problems - pollution, climate change, the melting of glaciers and the rise of the ocean level, the growth of the population on the planet; surprising and inspiring news about the achievements of science and technology, the Milky Way above our heads, and the landing of spacecraft on other planets; and next to that - the cultural specificity of urban spaces, the influence of advertising, which shapes our world. All this is recorded as if on a film strip, the images are imprinted in the consciousness and memory, and at the same time make you rethink the scales of values.


Metal, Plastic
All artworks from Sigita Dackeviciute
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