Giannis Dendrinos

Motorcycle Metal Sculpture made of scrap metal parts

Motorcycle Metal Sculpture made of scrap metal parts

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This product is a unique art sculpture created by artist Giannis Dendrinos.

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Made of industrial metal parts

✔Paint / Rust protection
Painted with transparent spray for rust protection

✔Various kinetic properties
The switch on the motor is switching
The steer is turning
The Ball bearings are rolling

✔About the artist

Giannis Dendrinos is a Greek artist creating sculptures by using industrial spare parts such as ball bearings, engine parts, valves, pistons and various metal industrial parts. By assembling these parts by welding, he creates artworks of various themes. One of his favourite themes are motorcycles and motorbikes. His motorbikes, motorcycles are unique in design and inspired by fantasy. He has created over 300 motorcycle decor artworks.

✔What is a motorcycle?

A motorcycle (or motorbike) is a vehicle used to transport people from one place to another. It does not have 4 wheels like a car. It has 2 wheels like a bicycle. But it has a motor like a car. A motorcycle is usually driven by one person. A passenger can also ride on the back of the motorcycle. Some motorcycles have a sidecar that can carry another passenger.

In 1901, the first successful motorcycle was made by "Indian motorcycles" in Springfield, Massachusetts. Since then, many other companies have made them. Major manufacturers include Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha. A well known American manufacturer of motorcycles is Harley-Davidson.

Since motorcycles can be lighter than cars, they can accelerate more quickly. But it also makes them not as safe as cars, because they do not have a protecting chassis around them like cars. Very often motorcycle riders are injured heavily in accidents. A motorcycle rider can wear a helmet and clothing that has armor. This special clothing may reduce the rider's injuries in an accident. Motorcycles also do not protect riders against wind and rain. That makes it difficult to drive in winter or during bad weather.

In poor countries, motorcycles are used by many as a cheap method of transportation. Many people who do not have the money to buy a car can afford a small motorcycle. In rich countries, large powerful motorcycles are used more as a hobby or sport.

✔Origin of word decor

The word originates from 1897, from a show "scenery and furnishings," from French décor (18c.). Originating from the verb décorer which means"to decorate" (14c.), from Latin decorare "to decorate, adorn, embellish, beautify," from decus (genitive decoris) "an ornament.

Originally in English in reference to theater stages; home-decor is by 1900 in reference to copies of old masters paintings used as home decoration; general use for "decorations and furnishings of a room, building, etc.


25cm, 70cm, 30cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Recycled materials, Metal
All artworks from Giannis Dendrinos
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