Blake Ward

Angel Tahere

Spirits Collection

Angel Tahere
An Angel of Women's Rights
This work is dedicated to the life of Fatimah Baraghani (1814 -1852), an influential poet and theologian of the Baha Faith in Iran. Her life, influence and execution made her a key figure of the religion. Described as "the first woman suffrage martyr” and as an example of courage in the struggle for women's rights.
Spirits Collection carries the figure forward by exposing the interior of the sculpture and thus addressing that which lies within us, creating partial figures by retaining only a fragment of the whole. Seeing our interior features as one of the most vital parts of our existence he addresses humanity and our human condition, while remaining true to his foundation and the tenets of classical figurative sculpture.
The Spirit Collection
One Quarter Life-size Female Figure
Bronze by Blake Ward and Boky Hackel
Photo Phil Hill


69cm, 21cm, 16cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Unique Piece
Figurative, Abstract, Expressionist
Body, Society, Spirituality
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