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Fragments SUU-58

Fragments Collection

Fragments SUU-58
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The clay material with which I work remains so fragile that deterioration can occur rapidly without preventative attention. The idea of allowing a sculpture in clay to degenerate naturally or even to assist in this progress by physically damaging the piece has became a conscience part of this creative process, which for the purpose of this document, I will call “reverse creation”.

The psychological, spiritual and symbolic significance involved in the “reverse creative” process, embraces the contradictory and paradoxical issues that originate from destroying in order to create and creating only to destroy, and have continued to encourage the development of this series of work. Further there are the issues of the glorification of the act of destruction as well as the appreciation for the damaged or decaying work.


63cm, 26cm, 25cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Edition of 8 plus 4 Artist Proofs
Figurative, Realistic
Body, Society
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