Blake Ward

Unnamed Prophets M1 & J2

Spirit Collection

Unnamed Prophets M1 & J2
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Steeped in a lost Classical Age, these vibrant figures, stretched between the ephemeral and the eternal, seek balance and tranquil stability in the apocalypse of a post mythological world. They reach for immortality in the echoing impermanence of the ever-evolving Renaissance as they head for some future Utopia.
Spirit Collection
Two Quarter Life-size Partial Male Figures
Bronze by Blake Ward and Boky Hackel
Photo Credit Phil Hill

As a part of the Spirits Collection, these partial abstracted figures play on the iconography of our religious past.  The Unnamed Prophets are drenched (and possibly decaying) in our theological and mythical history.  Yet, they call to the zeitgeist of today, as a shrinking world is confronted with the interaction of conflicting beliefs, thereby exploring the silent inner human environment physically revealed within the bodies of this sculpture. 

This partial yet familiar pose denies the distinction between the divine and the human and questions the conceptual boundaries concerning faith, doctrine and dogma.

Without any authority at all, the artists place in question the meaning and legitimacy of the primary icon representing several religious and questioning the truth of our written history.

From the point of view of artistic practice, this sculpture is, as most of the Spirit Collection, is a collaborative work created by Blake Ward and Boky Hackel. The Un-named prophets exceptionally touch on one of the past bodies of work, stemming from the ReThink series, this sculpture is evidence of a certain overlap or evolution that carries an activist tone, exploring the assumptions that lead us to discrimination and injustice.


Unnamed Prophet M1
87cm, 29cm, 25cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Unnamed Prophet J2
85cm, 27cm, 25cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Unique Piece
Figurative, Abstract, Expressionist
Body, Society, Spirituality
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