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The Burning Buddha - Free Hong Kong

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The Burning Buddha Video Free Hong Kong

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The Burning Buddha asks us to contemplate our human rights and those who have gone before us who gave their lives to bring human rights abuses to the world’s attention.

This work of art honours these lost lives, the principle to which these lives were devoted, and the faith known to those who cared more for life than for themselves.
The Burning Buddha symbolises the ghost that is left to speak to us of freedom, and of hope, a ghost that stands for Human Rights and remains a beacon representing the sanctity of life and the value of our beliefs.

The Burning Buddha, shown below in the gallery, is a collaborative art project focused on the discussion of human rights and human rights abuses. The sculpture and video provide an expression of Blake’s Art Activism-using sculpture to promote Human Rights. The Burning Buddha reminds us that the greatest advancements in Human Rights have come from popular movements made up of individuals who sacrificed everything for what they believe.

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32cm, 30cm, 28cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Edition of 6
Figurative, Realistic, Public Art, Installation
Body, Society
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