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Angel Sariel

Spirit Collection

Angel Sariel
Throughout many belief systems, the stories of angels make up a part of our heritage, existing as important mystical beings sharing spiritual messages.
In the angelic realm, the Archangel Sariel originates principally from Judaic tradition, her Hebrew name translates as “God’s Command” and appears in the Talmud as well as other sacred Jewish texts.
Spirit Collection
One Quarter Life-size Partial Female Figure
Bronze by Blake Ward
Photo Credit Phil Hill

The Dead Sea Scrolls, lists her name among others as written upon the shields of soldiers invoked for her protective powers in Jewish and early Christian texts. 
Considered one of the archangels who rule Earth, she is linked with the skies and the celestial forms, holding sacred knowledge concerning the Moon.
 While considered a holy angel with primordial powers, she is known to be one of the nine angels of the summer equinox and rules the zodiacal sign of the Ram; Aries.
In The Book of Enoch, the ancient Hebrew apocalyptic text sighting material on the origins of demons and giants, Sariel is said to be one of the holy angels who watch over other spirits, and who “look upon the bloodshed on Earth”. She is considered to be a holy Archangel also known as the “Angel of Punishment and Death” and believed to be tasked with punishing both mortals and angels who violate God’s commands.
A warrior angel she is both holy and fallen, believed to be a kind angel of death and an angel of healing, bring both hope and comfort, retribution and protection. 



59cm, 21cm, 19cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Unique Piece
Figurative, Abstract, Expressionist
Body, Society, Spirituality
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