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Fragment Putkimiina M 68

Fragment Collection

Fragment Putkimiina M 68
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The Fragments sculptures explore of our ideas of beauty representing not only of the fusion between the classical and the contemporary but also remnants of our civilisations; broken by the destructive nature of our history, but never the less intact.

The Fragments seek to draw attention to the idea of aesthetics by creating purposefully de-constructed sculptures. Working in clay, the Fragments are deliberately damaged presenting a haunting perception of history. In a number of different ways this artwork represents notions of “reverse creativity” intended to reach out to an audience with a voice but more importantly with a purpose. They comment on the glorification of the act of destruction while honouring the enduring nature to survive.


64cm, 35cm, 25cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Edition of 8 plus 4 Artist Proofs
Figurative, Realistic, Expressionist
Body, Society
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