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Fragment Mons 50

Fragments Collection

Fragment Mons 50
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Fragments is an exploration of ideas of beauty and stands as a representation not only of the fusion between the classical and the contemporary but also as remnants of our civilisations; broken by the destructive nature of our history, but never the less intact.
Fragments seek to drawn attention to our ideas of aesthetics by creating purposefully de-constructed sculptures.

Working in clay, the Fragments are deliberately ‘de-sculpted’, broken and presenting a haunting perception of history.

These figures do not represent gods, great heroes or mythical figures, their names are not taken from history books, but are named for landmines. Their bronze faces are as anonymous as the civilian casualties of war, relegated too often to numerical lists and ambiguous reports. And yet, they are beautiful, disintegrating, but full of life, standing as symbols of survival and hope.

Blake refers to this series of sculpture as ‘Intentional Art’ as it contains both a concept and a purpose; to raise awareness of the long lasting effects of modern warfare.  In conjunction with MAG Mine Advisory Group, Fragments continue to support landmine clearance in Cambodia in 2020.

The project he has already undertaken clearance in Vietnam, Cambodia and Kosovo, land mapping in Angola and risk education in Afghanistan


87cm, 55cm, 28cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Edition of 8 plus 4 Artist Proofs
Figurative, Realistic
Body, Society
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