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Fragment Pineapple Cluster BLU 3

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Fragment Pineapple Cluster BLU 3
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Crimes against Art
The aesthetic undertakings within this series of artwork is based on the idea of destruction and represent as much a crime against art itself as a crime against the human population represented. The act of destruction carried out on each of these pieces contradicts the principal upon which the creative spirit is based and flourishes.

This series of work follows a divergence from beauty towards the dissonance of corroded figures, denying the glory of war and displaying the decay in our world. 
This body of works represent a turning point for the artist into an area of activist art. The offence of destruction has become an aesthetic endeavour within this series of works. Regarded as a defiant and desperate act, it is a form of derivative art that it this case can be considered as the pillage of an art form.
Notwithstanding, the affirmative creative and aesthetic characteristics present within this series of sculpture provide a beautiful illustration of the redeeming quality for which humanity is known: the creative ability to rebuild civilisations upon the remnants of the past.

The investigation into ancient history and the presentation of archeological artifacts in museums has made many ancient sculptures or their remaining fragments familiar to the public. The artistic importance of these remnants has been further cultivated through the significance placed upon them by historians as well as by the educational institutions that covet this type of relic. Even the manner in which these artefacts are displayed emphasize their aesthetic properties, enhancing their creative value and allowing the residual elements of a complete sculpture can be appreciated as a whole work rather than just a damaged vestige thereof.

Inspired by the pure aesthetic value these fragments as well as the importance placed upon them by our society, the Fragments displayed here present a version of these broken but beautiful works of art for a completely different purpose.


73cm, 30cm, 36cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Edition of 8 plus 4 Artist Proofs
Figurative, Realistic
Body, Society
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