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The Lovers / Les Amoureux

The Figure

Les Amoureux
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Inspired by the mythological legend of Apollo and Daphne, this couple developed into an expression of compassion and mutual adoration, rather than flight and capture.

This couple is in the throes of a close embrace with the male figure’s feet firmly placed on the ground, while the female’s leg seems ready to leave the ground she stands on. This work was not meant to be an erotic piece, yet it often receives flustered questions and criticism.

The Inspiration

                   This couple was inspired by the work of Joseph Bernard, who created a small, delicate sculpture of a sitting couple in the midst of a loving caress. The tender gesture of a women’s hand lightly touching her partners’ head was the image from which this work developed. The intention was to introduce an element of dance into the piece, while still maintaining the affectionate gesture of a women’s gentle touch. In order to accentuate the delicate feminine nature of the work, the difference in proportions of the two figures was exaggerated, and the fine features of the woman accentuated.

                   The figures are arranged in order to focus on the kiss as the end point in the movement, as well as to express the desire and affection of each toward the other. A delicate and sensitive aspect of this strong male figure is meant to contrast with the strength in his stance behind her and demonstration physical as well as psychological support for his partner. The position of the female is meant to express her influence over her companion and confirms her command by the placement of his hands. Any suggestive or erotic significance found in the work is unintentional, although not unwelcome, and is left to the perception of the witness.

                   One could imagine a wonderful love story to have developed during the construction of this work, unfortunately, as with the another work portraying a couple;the two models never met.


100cm, 51cm, 40cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Edition of 3 plus 1 Artist Proof
Figurative, Realistic, Classic
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