Duncan Mountford


Embassy comprised two structures, each with a flag, brass sign, lights, and sound; based on official buildings (Embassies). Each ‘building’ had four floodlights producing an area of illumination, and a speaker broadcasting a montage of speech and sound. A further flag and brass sign was affixed to an abandoned coastal machine gun emplacement, the third ‘embassy’
The brass signs name places that existed 175 million years ago: empires and politics are fleeting compared to geological time.
The work was a satire on the ambitions of humankind, a reflection on the global threats that make ideas of empires ridiculous. There is also a joke at China’s view of Taiwan. The Embassies are in Taiwan, and not in China; therefore China does not exist.
Dimensions are for each structure.
The drawings are for the various versions of the proposed idea.


350cm, 160cm, 150cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Paper, Sound, Light, Metal, Wood
Installation, Monumental
Society, Nature
All artworks from Duncan Mountford
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