Abdur Rahman

Feeling of Feminist

This is the series about Bangladeshi women. They appear in the modern world as a feminist. But it is a matter of sorrow they are not treated that much well besides men. There have different definition about feminist. In the society of Bangladesh they are tortured mentally. For example my first work is just a cubic abstract form where women connect with two men. I show how early marriage just happened in Bangladesh. Early marriage means they don’t need to study much or get a job after marriage. Because this type of ritual is followed by people all around now.

At the second part of this work parents fill up their women basic needs but they have no right to go as they want. At the same time, after marriage their husband and family do everything for them. If they have love or any choice of male, their family will not want to go with that male. Because what their parents choose is good for them because of the security of the future.

So , all the support for women and feel what they want to do is the motto of this work.


40cm, 25cm, 56cm (Height, Width, Depth)
All artworks from Abdur Rahman
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