Nila Mihai-Petre

the insane

the work is part of a composition called vices.


These works represent an image of past, present and future vices. They narrate the ritual of everyday habits that interconnects various characters illustrated in their transformation (metamorphosis). Relations emerging therefrom give birth to a story.

What are these relations? What is the story? I am attempting to stimulate the viewer to assess circumstances, I am trying to start an impromptu dialogue by association of two seemingly absent entities.

Starting from the human dimension, each character – which may become an exemplary model to be meditated upon – makes reference to fundamental life experiences in a place (universe) dominated by the everlasting omnipresence of frustration, whose existence in time is intended to be anticipated. Therefore, these works are materialized in the visual plan of the imbalance between inner- and outer-self.

My endeavors pursue a human urge, more precisely the reintegration in basic, day-to-day life of fragments of an excess (overabundance) of actuality (reality), represented in a condensed form through the details of a gest.

Petre Mihai Nilă


29cm, 23cm, 19cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Others, Metal, Bronze
Realistic, Abstract, Figurative
Society, Body
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