Coordinator Carrara IT

Stefanie Krome

I put on value in a kind of aesthetics which feeds itself from a teamwork of concept, archetypical pattern and personal relation to the creation. I try to be less guided towards external impressions then to win as more an essence from the totality of the impressions. It is an almost intimate respect between myself, the material and the thought, which can be ironic, very specifically or sometimes even just a feeling which has to be expressed. The thus originating is a part of the creation process, it was generated, born and has grown and not as a ready, nice, artificial object rapt away from the becoming. And as such it can release in the best case an interpretation process in the viewer. I see myself as an artist in the responsibility to reflect my environment, to process topical events and to make them conceivable; always in research of the new influences which should flow into my work and return something to the world. In the best case to indicate solutions, to make visible the hidden and to work out an essence from a variety of stylistic devices.

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