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Verena Friedrich

Paper Art - Installations - Art and Nature 


„ The works of Verena Friedrich live from the exciting contrasts
between formal strictness, organic harmony, control and chance.
She masters her techniques with great accuracy and expands
her artistic process every time, on the one hand, through granting
the materials more liberty and, on the other hand, through
pushing her own limits as an artist. On her quest to artistic
harmony in her works she aims for radical reduction, as if she’s
trying to distill the artistic expression to a minimal essence
where one can find all the answers.“ (Anabel Roque Roque Rodríguez, curator / art historian)

Verena Friedrich lives and works in Munich and Fuerteventura

Member of the BBK Munich and Upper Bavaria, sculpture network and IAPMA

Artworks (12)

Verena Friedrich, 2023

feathers for wings

Verena Friedrich


Verena Friedrich

light ring

Verena Friedrich, 2015


Verena Friedrich


Verena Friedrich, 2019

Hohes Gut

Verena Friedrich

white currents

Verena Friedrich, 2020

black currents

Verena Friedrich, 2022

black currents II

Verena Friedrich

cyber cloud

Verena Friedrich


Verena Friedrich, 2020

living structures

Events (2)

Exhibition Member event

Made of paper - objects and installations

Dachau, Germany

Member event


Schwifting, Germany

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