Kinetisch Kunstler

Bert Schoeren

Relaxing Chaos
Leaves rustling in the wind,
clouds floating across the sky,
waves rolling up and down.
Evolution developed the human mind and eye to notice constant change in nature.
The constant movement- unpredictable in its details and ‘chaotic’ in the most beautiful sense- is apparently good for the soul.
Why else would a fireplace fire or an aquarium have such a relaxing effect? My kinetic sculptures also follow the principle of chaotic movement.

I try to inspire and make the world a little bit more beautiful with moving sculptures.

I try to surprise with liveliness and yet also bring peace and meditation to our hectic everyday life.

And I try to highlight sustainability and energy transition in a surprising way. Normally when it comes to these topics, numbers and percentages are mentioned,

% CO2, ... cm sea level, etc.

But these numbers don't touch us, they don't move us……..

The inspiration does.

I make kinetic sculptures that move on solar energy.

They have integrated solar panels and motors so that they move freely when it is light.

They make unpredictable movements so that you can watch it for a long time without getting bored. You can dream away with it.

The sculptures become a kind of organism that happily dance when the sun shines. They sleep at night and when the sun comes up they slowly come to life.

You feel the rhythm of the day and of the seasons.

Imagine that you are rushing to your appointment in a modern sustainable building. You step inside, high ceiling, lots of windows, lots of daylight. You feel a bit lost in the large space. You often have to report to the reception desk and wait a while.

I make Solar Mobiles for these spaces. They create a cheerful, happy and lively atmosphere. You no longer feel so lost in the large space. And if you have to wait, it is very nice to be calm and dream away.

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