Lars Waldemar

Many things give me direction artistically speaking. I am generally interested in and fascinated by Nature and I am eager to explore new materials and techniques.
My fascination of Nature not only covers the joy of seeing a bird, a flower or a certain landscape. I look further to get to what we only see if we look with great concentration and to see matters which are hidden to the naked eye. I am mostly interested in Natures building blocks to get understand shapes and structures. On the basis of my observations I create my works of art as a sort of synthesis selecting the impressions that I want to make part of the objects.
I work with both traditional materials as cast iron, marble, concrete, and chalk but also with materials not necessarily understood as sculptural. It could be different forms of industrially made matter, stuff considered rubbish and combinations of industrial and natural matter. When my sculptural ideas are applied to these materials they go from being objects with a sculptural potential to being objects with a new dimension that are related to the times and places we live in.
The works of art carry in them traces of History and at the same time they comment on the present. In some of the works I try to present them built in to cupboards, boxes or glass covers in order to underline the storytelling that they contain.

Artworks (12)

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