Mari Terauchi - Introduction

My work centres around human conditions. The theme of human conditions derives from my curiosity on people’s reaction towards the social issues. The topics are often covered with humorous appearances. In my opinion, humour is a good way to express negative topics than direct messages or images. For me humorous appearance seems to cover at first glance the impression of unpleasantness from the serious issues, yet gently leads people to the core.

Sometimes the primary focus of these elements is expressed in combining of figures, objects and spaces to create an experimental and narrative installation. The figures and objects in a space are installation but also aimed to have the associations for the viewers.

Artworks (20)

Mari Terauchi, 2022

von Blume zu Blume

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Mari Terauchi, 2021

My love, my convenience

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Mari Terauchi, 2020

Lamentation of Christ

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Mari Terauchi, 2020

Salma di Christo

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Mari Terauchi, 2020

The way you live 3

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Mari Terauchi, 2020

The way you live 1

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Mari Terauchi, 2019

Wer riecht denn hier so gut?

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Mari Terauchi, 2019

Here and there

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Mari Terauchi, 2019


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Mari Terauchi, 2018


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Mari Terauchi, 2018

10 PM

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Mari Terauchi, 2017

An einem sonnigen Tag

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Mari Terauchi, 2015

Woher kommen sie? II

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Mari Terauchi, 2011

Capsule hotel

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Mari Terauchi, 2010

Woher kommen sie?

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Mari Terauchi, 2010

What shall we eat tonight?

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Mari Terauchi, 2006

A dreaming boy

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Mari Terauchi, 2005

Mr. Water Leak

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Mari Terauchi, 2002

Walk in snow

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Mari Terauchi, 1999


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