Nevena Popović

Combining different art media, my attention is in the problem of individuals in complex circumstances, where personal interests are intertwined with society’s expectations. I am focused on psychological states of individuals, to their fears, doubts, hopes, expectations and other burden that they carry during lifetime journey.

Artworks (8)

Nevena Popović, 2008

There is no world, only islands...

Nevena Popović, 2011


Nevena Popović, 2014

Road - Exit

Nevena Popović, 2015


Nevena Popović, 2018


Nevena Popović, 2018


Nevena Popović, 2017

Scattered Thoughts

Nevena Popović, 2018

Clouds - Scattered Thoughts

Events (4)

Exhibition Member event

Nevena Popovic - Scattered Thoughts - Bewegter Wind

Zierenberg, Germany

Exhibition Member event

Nevena Popovic - Sculptures, Objects, Assemblages…

Belgrade, Serbia

Exhibition Member event

Nevena Popovic - No one will tell our fate

Heraklion, Greece

Exhibition Member event

Summer Salon of Sculptures

Pancevo, Serbia

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