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Gabriela Spector. Biography


I was born in 1968 in TucumĂĄn, a city in the north of Argentina.

I earned my degree in Fine Arts from the National University of TucumĂĄn.

From 1990 to 1991 I was employed a san assistant in the drawing atelier.

After graduation I won a scholarship and relocated to Italy to specialize in sculpture.

In Milan, I worked in the artistic Foundry Battaglia, using the bronze fusion technique.

Simultaneously, I attended the academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

I furthered my studies over a period of two years at the academy of Fine arts of Carrara, where I specialized in marble.

Since 1995 I live and work in Ticino, Switzerland.



Work and projects


The principal theme of my art is the human figure.

I developed over several years the theme of pregnancy. The exhibit was entitled “The desire of maternity” at the hospital in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

We printed a catalogue of photographs and interviews with the models during 2002.

On the subject of travel migration and identity I used antique maps as a back round for paintings particularly vast in size.

The project, entitled “Maps” was presented in Italy, Switzerland, France and Argentina.




Personal Exhibitions


- General San MartĂ­n Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Cultural Centre, Nacional University of TucumĂĄn, Argentina

1999 The land of silence, Artemondo Gallery from Gianetti Museum ,Saronno, Italy

-Rahn Gallery, Zurich, CH

2002  Elfi Bohrer Gallery, Bonstetten, ZH, CH

-The desire of maternity,  Beata Vergine Hospital of Mendrisio, CH

2003 Sculptures- Drawings, Werkart Gallery, San Gallo, CH

2005 "Skupturen", Galerie Im Kies, Altach- Austria.

2007 Galerie 2016 Hauterive, NeuchĂątel, Switzerland.

2007 "Memory maps", Sala delle grasce. Pietrasanta (Lucca), Italia.

2009 "Biciclette", Galleria Stellanove, Mendrisio, Switzerland.

         "Mappe", Museo di Belle Arti, di Tucumån, Argentina.

2010 « Maps », Centro Culturale Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2012 "Madreterra" Maison de l'argentine, Parigi, France.

2013 " Ou nous allons, d'ou nous venons" Gallery of the Agentine embassy,  Paris, France.

2015 "La story continues" progetto di arte e archeologia industriale presso la Polus di Balerna, Svizzera.

2022 “Abbracci e abbandoni” Museo Casa Rusca di Locarno, Svizzera.

2023 « Skulpur & GemÀlde » Galerie Im Kies, Altach- Austria.




Art Fairs

1996 Art Fair, Montreux, CH

1997 Padova '97, Art Fair Padua, CH

2001 Art-Vienna

International Art Fair, Vienna, Austria

2005 Kunst ‘05

International Art Fair, Zurich, CH

2007 Europ’art

Art Fair, Geneva, CH

2009 Kunst ‘05

International Art Fair, Zurich, CH

2016 Art Fair Bologna

 Wopart, Art on paper Lugano, Svizzera.

2022 Wopart, Art on paper, Lugano, Svizzera.




Gabriela Spector- Via  dell’indipendenza 4A

CH_ 6826 Riva San Vitale.

- +41 763462537


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Artworks (27)

Gabriela Spector, 2020


Gabriela Spector, 2019


Gabriela Spector, 2019


Gabriela Spector, 2007


Gabriela Spector, 2003


Gabriela Spector, 2000

Blu figure, crucifixion

Gabriela Spector, 1996

Adam and Eve

Gabriela Spector, 2018

The girl and the cat

Gabriela Spector, 2018

La nave va. The ship

Gabriela Spector, 2018


Gabriela Spector, 2018


Gabriela Spector, 2009


Gabriela Spector

Family on bicycle

Gabriela Spector

The family

Gabriela Spector


Gabriela Spector

Summit Uphill

Gabriela Spector


Gabriela Spector


Gabriela Spector

Memory maps

Gabriela Spector


Gabriela Spector, 2007


Gabriela Spector, 2007

Sweden Finland

Gabriela Spector, 2008

World upside down

Gabriela Spector, 2005

Europe, the jump

Gabriela Spector, 2005

Europe, the struggle

Gabriela Spector, 2005


Gabriela Spector, 2006


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