Interactive, organically responsive objects and apparatus.

… to imagination, mind and a different view.

For me, it’s not about the artistic activity itself. The focus is not on technique and certainly not on perfection. It doesn’t even have to be really finished. But it does have to provide me, and more importantly the viewer/user, access to another level in some way. In that sense, I create….


Hello, I am Weibach2, self-taught artist and I primarily design and build interactive, organically responsive objects and apparatus. These interactive works predominantly reflect the far-reaching effects of human actions, as well as the psychology and philosophy behind them. It is the collective shadow of humans that interests me.

But some of my works are also just contentless, nice to look at or total nonsense, because: One part serious matter can only be neutralized by at least three parts moronic matter.



Artworks (21)

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