Nicolet Boots

For me the ideal artwork is something to fall in love with. It should be strangely, strongly self-evident in an organic way, meaning this artwork is the only way it could be, the only way it could be made. It has power like a sacred object, something you want to return to again and again. Every time you look at the artwork it gives you something to take with you.

I wrote down a few rules for myself, to read when in the studio, making art, as a reminder for where I want the artwork to go. (It doesn’t mean I achieve this every day, but it is something I aim for ;-)

- Making art should feel like rock-and-roll

- is about now

- Minimalistic, without losing the poetry

- Make the art you need

- Expand beauty

Artworks (8)

Nicolet Boots, 2017


Nicolet Boots

'journal cups'

Nicolet Boots, 2013

Wichtigkeit der Leichtigkeit

Nicolet Boots, 2016

Stay True

Nicolet Boots, 2013

Skate boarding

Nicolet Boots, 2016


Nicolet Boots, 2013

Bird Lady

Nicolet Boots, 2013


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