58th Venice Biennale: the Sculpture "Building Bridges" by Artist Lorenzo Quinn

Six monumental hands of sculptor Lorenzo Quinn unite in Venice for the 58th Biennale as a symbol of global cohesion.

The sculptor Lorenzo Quinn caused a sensation two years ago with his sculpture "Support". Two gigantic white hands protruded from the Canal Grande in front of the historic building of the Hotel Ca' Sagredo stated a clear message from the artist about climate change, which is also endanger-ing Venice through rising water levels.

Quinn is back for the 58th Biennale with his new work "Building Bridges". Six 15-meter-high pairs of hands form an arched bridge over a Venetian waterway. The hands embody the universal values of wisdom, hope, help, faith, friendship and love. In their union they stand for the human ability to overcome barriers and to act together. Quinn creates a powerful symbol here. In times of global crises he calls for cohesion.

Lorenzo Quinn, Skizzen Building Bridges, 2019, Copyright: Lorenzo Quinn
Lorenzo Quinn, Skizzen Building Bridges, 2019, Copyright: Lorenzo Quinn

It is not without reason that Quinn chooses the site of a former shipyard for his sculpture. The site refers to Venetian history as one of the strongest trading centres in the world at the end of the Silk Road. As today's World Heritage city and tourist magnet, Venice continues its tradition as a place of international encounter.

For our Biennale Experience there are still a few places available! We are eager to see what three-dimensional contemporary art has to offer in Venice and look forward to an international exchange with you at the 58th Biennale!

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BuildingBridges_LorenzoQuinn_2019_Copyright Lorenzo Quinn_3.png
Lorenzo Quinn, Building Bridges, 2019, Copyright: Lorenzo Quinn

Video interview with Lorenzo Quinn:


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