June 2021
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Vincent Fecteau

03 June 2021 00:00 - 05 September 2021 00:00

The Fridericianum is presenting the first institutional solo exhibition in Germany dedicated to the artist, who was born in 1969 in Islip, New York. Encompassing more than sixty selected works created between 1993 and 2020, the show provides a comprehensive overview of Fecteau’s oeuvre.

Since the early 1990s, Vincent Fecteau has been making sculptures and collages from simple, sometimes everyday materials – such as newspaper clippings, papier-mâché, foam core, corks, popsicle sticks or shells – that display diverse manifestations. Some of his works are small-scale, rectilinear, monochrome or abstract, while others are expansive, intricate, colorful or narrative. They are the outcome of a long, intense creative process that begins with the selection and combination of materials. This is followed by the continuous and careful processing of these components until the multifaceted nature of each object is articulated.

More info: https://fridericianum.org/ausstellungen/vincent-fecteau/

Picture: Vincent Fecteau, Installation view, © Vincent Fecteau, Fridericianum, Photo: Andrea Rossetti

Vincent Fecteau
Friedrichsplatz 18
34117 Kassel

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