April 2021
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Mona Hatoum

16 April 2021 00:00 - 12 September 2021 00:00

The exhibition devoted to Mona Hatoum, a British artist of Palestinian origin gathers together a selection of sculptures, large-scale installations and works on paper created mostly in the last two decades.

Hatoum is interested in creating formally simple and reductive works that nevertheless impact viewers on an emotional and psychological level. Her work is intentionally created with paradoxical layers of meaning that produce ambiguity and ambivalence to allow several possible and contradictory readings. She often uses attractive and seductive materials to create alluring objects and installations that, on close inspection, reveal a hidden layer of threat or danger lurking underneath the surface.

More info: www.ivam.es/en/exposiciones/mona-hatoum/

Picture: Mona Hatoum / A Pile of Bricks, 2019, © Mona Hatoum, Photo © White Cube (Theo Christelis)

Mona Hatoum


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