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Natalia Turnova. The Egg and the Rock

01 June 2021 00:00 - 22 August 2021 00:00

The new Garage Atrium Commission presents large-scale sculptures by Natalia Turnova (b. 1957).

The Egg and the Rock is a free inversion of the attraction to the archaic and the primordial, while also initiating a change in our vision and gravitational and body settings, thus healing both our perception and the museum space as such.

Turnova’s practice is subordinate to her individual evolution, and the project for the modernist atrium space at Garage is an unexpected gesture that distracts the viewer from the “usual” Turnova, with her attention to color, large painterly surfaces, and sculptures made of a broad range of materials.

More info: https://garagemca.org/en/exhibition/natalia-turnova-i-the-egg-and-the-rock-i

Picture: Natalia Turnova, Model of a sculpture for the project The Egg and the Rock, 2021, Mixed media, Courtesy of the artist, Photo: Boris Bendikov 

Natalia Turnova. The Egg and the Rock
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Russian Federation

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