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08 May 2021 00:00 - 15 August 2021 00:00

Is contemporary sculpture defined by monuments or is its focus directed towards the moment? The exhibition Moment.Monument at the Kunst Museum Winterthur features sixteen international artistic positions demonstrating the use of time, transience, duration and cultural memory in contemporary sculpture.

A monument – from the Latin monere erinnern; monumentum Denk-mal – is an important “monument of great masses”, a man-made building or work of art. In a narrower sense, monument means a memorial or memorial and reminds us of a historical personality or a historical event. However, the monument always claims meaning and validity.

After the exhibitions on painting (Frozen Gesture, 2019) and video (Bewegte Bilder, 2020), the exhibition Moment.Monument – Aspects of Contemporary Sculpture deals with a largely neglected theme of sculpture: its precarious state between permanence and transience, moment and monument. The artists are concerned with strategies of narration and reminiscence or the poetic impetus that connects art to the world – as monuments of a fragile age. The exhibition features sixteen positions ranging from permanent to transitory, by artists from Phyllida Barlow (*1944) and Mona Hatoum (*1952) to Simon Starling (*1967) and Alicja Kwade (*1979).

More info: www.kmw.ch/en/exhibitions/moment-monument-aspekte-zeitgenoessischer-skulptur-2/

Photo: Simon Starling *1967, La Decollazione (The Decollation), 2018, © 2020, ProLitteris, Zurich

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