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dogs like us

"dogs like us"
adored/tributes - will denominate a new series, revisiting some masterpieces that have come along and left traces over the years...Trying to explore its essence, getting them into a actual or personal context for me & my environment as sensible constructs. So - with my recent "dogs like us" just now in 2020 - there is the ever-present Alberto Giacometti, as well as his brother Diego. "Le chien", 1951, used as a template to depict the straydog he encountered late night as a metaphor for the modern family-construct: the adored doggy as pseudo substitute child. Followed by earlier works just like Anton Böcklins "Toteninsel", my hommages to "Benidorm" & "Manhattan 2011" ...and one day in future my contribution to Deborah Butterfield, Lynn Chadwick, and so forth...


Dimensions : 65 cm x 42 cm x 140 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 12 kg
Year : 2020
Material : Bronze, Metal, Installation, Bronze

Hans Some

At first impression metal shows itself to be the material of consistency and solidity, but it is also the material resistant to any changes. To create a sculpture from an unhewn block you have to employ a lot of energy and strength. This creative process is the continuous confrontation of the artist with the material.The essence of my work is this dialogue with the material reaching and exceeding its own limits.The experimented resistance – the resistance of the object – is an essential character of the significant experience of personal truth. With this exploration of the resistant opposite you can start a dialogue and experience yourself.

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