Gerhard Petzl

Emergency car

Chocolate sculpture. A solid block of bloomed chocolate, fixed on trolley wheels and can be pulled into any room. For emergency use only!


Dimensions : 27 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 6.5 kg
Year : 2008
Material : Mixed Media, Others, Steel
Technique : Collage
Style : abstract, contemporary, kinetic, surreal

Gerhard Petzl

Als Schokoladenkünstler und Bildhauer bin ich global einer der wenigen, die Kunst und essbare Materialien verbinden und auf höchster professioneller Ebene erstellen. Habe mich in den letzten Jahren als typischer 'Handwerker und Dienstleister' damit global etabliert. Sei es entweder eine personalisierte Büste (nach der Fotovorlage des Klienten), individuelle Projekte und Skulpturen für Firmen, Galerien, Museen und Kunstliebhaber oder eine Live-Performance auf der Bühne.

"Schokoladen Body Paintings", die ich bei Live Shows und Clubbings auf der Bühne zelebriere.

Pionier der "Schokoladenkristall-Kunst", wo ich die visuelle Schönheit der Schokoladenkristalle näher untersuche und sie als grossformatige Editionen oder als Designobjekte anbiete.

Nach 15 Jahren im Beruf hatte ich mich 2003 entschieden eine künstlerische Ausbildung zu machen und besuchte daher die Meisterschule für Kunst&Design (Bildhauerei) in Graz, Österreich und habe diese mit einem Diplom abgeschlossen. Seither arbeite ich auch mit anderen Medien, wie Bronze, Stein, Holz, Fotografie, Videos, Malerei und Grafiken. Mich einzuordnen ist schwierig, aber gerade in so vielen verschiedenen Medien tätig zu sein, reflektiert die Schönheit und Fülle der Kunst. Nachdem ich über 40 Länder bereist habe fliessen diese Erlebnisse und kulturellen Unterschiede auch oft in meine Kunstwerke ein. Ein wesentliches Element sind aber sicher die Licht und Schatten Wirkungen meiner Arbeiten, denn hinter jedem physischem Werk steht auch ein imaginärer Schatten, den es zu kontrollieren gilt (oder auch nicht).

also interesting:

'The Chocolate table'
A royal feast baroque table in chocolate, Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong, China Royal Feast Chocolate Table, Hong Kong, China A 5 m long table was set up as a royal feast baroque dinner table, showing cakes, as they looked at that time, parfaits, different breads, fruit stands, various crystal bottles, sugar bowls, a variation of glasses, plates with underliners, folded napkins with embossed logos and cutlery sets with ornaments – all made of chocolate.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media
'Planet series'
'Planet series', different chocolate crystal formations on Alu-Dibond printed
Gerhard Petzl
Inca-head, Composition III, Asian mask
Three examples of bronze works
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze
"Alles im Eimer"
Installation in einem handelsüblichen weissen Plastkeimer mit einem ausgeschnittenem Sichtfenster.
Gerhard Petzl
'Faces of Australia'
Australian limestone
Gerhard Petzl, Stone
"Universe" (in chocolate)
Art-Installation at Halloren chocolate museum, Germany (permanent exhibition) A freestyle chocolate art composition where all the components and possibilities of chocolate using techniques are shown. Combined with the worldwide unique naturally grown chocolate crystal art founded by Gerhard and used from 4 different continents, some aged already up to 9 years.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media, Installation
The chocolate room
The oldest chocolate museum in Halle, Germany from the well known 'Halloren' chocolate factory, decided to upgrade their existing chocolate room with the production of completely new objects in solid chocolate. The outcome is maybe Germany's most impressive chocolate room with 1450 kg of chocolate used in around 5000 working hours.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media, Metal
'Magnum-Gold' sculpture
'Magnum-Gold' Product launch sculpture, Jakarta, Indonesia
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media, Installation
"Fallen bird"
World's largest sugar bird in the smallest gallery in Germany, Kunstverein Gießen, Germany
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media, Metal
Liftass-Säule in Schokolade, Stadtpark Graz, Austria “Temporal Art”, a project organized by the Künstlerhaus (“Artists’ House”) in Graz, Austria, becomes the platform for Gerhard’s many-dimensioned artwork telling the story of humankind’s interconnectedness. The project: Gerhard was part of a select group of Styria’s premier artists chosen to take part in this one-of-a-kind competitive project. Each artist was to create and realize an artistic design for a 16m2 advertising column in Graz’s City Park based on the project’s theme, Temporal Art. The design: Gerhard tells the story of humanity, its creativity and its connectedness, using multiple dimensions to represent various interrelated aspects of civilization throughout time and space.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media, Installation
"Composition heads"
An abstract composition of different heads combined in one sculpture. Depending on the viewing angle various appearances are showing up.
Gerhard Petzl, Clay, Bronze
"Planet 17"
An exclusive artwork, handmade in wood, which will last for a lifetime. It is a co-operation between two acclaimed artists, 'Pancheri & Petzl'. It is a fusion of pure craftsmanship between chocolate crystals design and handmade wooden artworks. A unique gift or an opportunity for art collectors.
Gerhard Petzl, Wood, Mixed Media
Bust with Chocolate Body Painting
The result of a Live-Performance with chocolate and multiple colours used. African themed design.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media, Performance
Bark head
Gallery Photo print on Al-Dibond (with fixed hanging bars on the back) Signed and dated by the artist. The Original sculpture is a chocolate freestyle-Composition, carved, piped and dusted with green tea powder. Theoretically 100% edible.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media
For the love of chocolate
Installation for a chocolate museum in Switzerland. Design is a splashed heart with an architectural model of the factory in the Center. More than 200 kg chocolate used.
Gerhard Petzl, Metal, Others
Ice flower (Unique)
As the polar ice melts rapidly fast, the effects of it we see all around the globe but it also changes a lot the surrounding landscapes. New life forms of fauna and flora will arise. This artwork looks like an organic life-form, similar to fern, grown out of ice. It also stands as a statement of a specific moment in time and for an awakening of a new chapter. The artwork will surely last 2000, or more years, but the polar ice will probably disappear forever. Colours: White and soft blue painted bronze sculpture.
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze, Mixed Media
Golden Sound flower (Unique)
This artwork looks like an organic life-form, similar to fern, grown out of a new era. If you carefully pluck on one round ornament, a sound similar to a guitar will be audible. Therefore the title of the sculpture was chosen as 'Sound flower'. It is sculpture and musical instrument in one. An interesting experience and journey for at least 3 of your senses. Numbers produced: UNIQUE, The mentioned 3 senses: 1) Sight or vision is the capability of the eyes to focus and detect images of visible light and generate electrical nerve impulses for varying colours, hues, and brightness. Visual perception is how the brain processes these impulses – recognising, differentiating and interpreting visual stimuli through comparison with experiences made earlier in life. 2) Hearing, or audition, is the ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations, changes in the pressure of the surrounding medium through time, through an organ such as the ear. As with sight, auditory processing relies on how the brain interprets, recognises and differentiates sound stimuli. 3) Touch, or somatosensory, is a perception resulting from activation of neural receptors, generally in the skin including hair follicles and a variety of pressure receptors respond to variations in pressure (firm, brushing, sustained, etc.).
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze
Material: Australian sandstone from Gosford Quarries, Artist: Sculptor Gerhard Petzl Imported to Switzerland (2014)
Gerhard Petzl, Stone, Natural materials
Cocoa chica
Clay sculpture, sun-dried of a young girl with ornamental objects on her forehead.
Gerhard Petzl, Clay
Painted Clay sculpture
Gerhard Petzl, Clay, Mixed Media
Terra lines
Freestyle Clay sculpture
Gerhard Petzl, Clay
3 Clay sculptures
Abstract sculptures of left (Animalic scream) middle (Headless) and right (Medusa)
Gerhard Petzl, Clay
Skull bird - Composition
Abstract Clay sculpture
Gerhard Petzl, Clay
Bubbles (Sculpture 2)
Glass sculpture, hand-blown Design by Gerhard Petzl, Created by Peter Kuchler
Gerhard Petzl, Glass
Sexy Lady
Life-sized chocolate sculpture, Carved out of a solid 220 kg block and then decorated and piped by hand with white and dark chocolate. Was created for a TV project with PRO7, Germany.
Gerhard Petzl, Others
Middle-aged shoe
Chocolate artwork, 100% chocolate
Gerhard Petzl, Others
Power tree 2.0 with W-Lan antenna
Digitally, totally integrated tree but disconnected from nature. A chocolate-technology mixed sculpture with wires, power plug and antenna. The tree itself is carved, piped and assembled out of 100% chocolate. Stands in a bed of milk chocolate drops.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media, Metal
Chocolate wedge
100% chocolate artwork of a wood-a like wedge. The ones you see when cutting trees. It is a leftover.
Gerhard Petzl, Others
Journey to inner self
Thesis Project for the "Master’s School of Art and Design" - section sculpturing A bronze statue is standing on the floor. 85 kilograms of chocolate are applied to the sculpture and formed into the shape of a bodybuilder. When the chocolate sculpture is finished, the chocolate is melted away, revealing the bronze statue. The chocolate, therefore, serves as a human shell that disconnects from its inner self through time and eventually falls away. My final presentation was presented with two projectors facing into opposite directions. On one was the build-up shown, on the other was the melting process, accompanied with interviews from people all over the world, talking in their own language about the topic "Globalisation" and what it means for them. The speech by the artist was provided in Spanish, English, and German, in order to emphasize and do justice to the multicultural togetherness of our time.
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze, Installation
The big fishes are eating the small ones
Bronze sculpture fixed on a wooden platter.
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze, Wood
Abstract bronze sculpture of a female bust.
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze
Composition III
Abstract chocolate sculpture.
Gerhard Petzl, Natural materials, Others
Temple cat
Hand-carved chocolate sculpture, then sprayed with chocolate to get a velvety texture on the surface. A print-out of a photo was used to test the relation between harmonious appearance and Fibonacci sequences numbers.
Gerhard Petzl, Natural materials, Others
The middle man has one on the bottom and one on top
A mirrored sculpture was created to achieve another object in the empty space. What counts more? The sculpture as a physical element or the empty space created with it?
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze, Metal
Stack house
Hundreds of small elements are assembled to a sculpture, which shows amazing angles and different styles. The possibilities of creating different artworks are endless.
Gerhard Petzl, Wood, Mixed Media
Wired cat
A sculptural exploration with wires. It looks almost like a drawing, so the borders between 2D and 3D are blurry.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media
Und das alles , bloß wegen dem Porsche
Ein Miniatur-Porsche wurde aus Einzelteilen zusammengebaut und die verbleibenden Reste, die üblicherweise weggeworfen werden, wurden zusammen mit Drähten zu einer Skulptur verbaut.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media, Plastics
The shape of the artwork shows abstract figures, a variety of shapes and edges in a linear continuation, broken up by linear golden lines. From a distance, you can only see black, gold and red, but the closer you come the more glitter you recognize. A timeless but modern artwork.
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze, Metal
Native American Indians
No space to live, no words to speak, no chance to be seen - just trapped in space.
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze, Metal
Giant ant
The perspective angles are changing depending on the point of view looking at them.
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze, Metal
Dead but still alive
Dead tree sculpture
Gerhard Petzl, Wood, Metal
Golden swan in nest
A bronze sculpture stands in the center of attention in the middle, representing a fusion between woman body and swan head. The material mix of wood, strings, plaster etc. are also thought after, as a wooden nest is not only fragile, in our case also transparent and exposed but also temporarily. As comments about women generally are often made that they just choose a certain type of man (mostly wealth ones) in order for the chance of getting "into a golden nest" but the complexity within the environment of women is way more complex. The moment they are in a relationship with a man there are strings attached, seen on the black strings all around the installation and fixed with the nest and the wooden parts. The dark rock-alike foundation, holding the bronze sculpture stands for the rise as a phoenix from the ashes and her role in society. Women are mostly holding not only the social network and/or family together they are also often either well connected or totally isolated in their own bubble or the spikey nest, called home.
Gerhard Petzl, Wood, Bronze
Uplifting mood balloon
Look at this bundle of coloured dots and enjoy a cute smile to uplift your daily mood!
Gerhard Petzl, Metal, Stone more...
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