Fleur van den Berg

leeghoofd, fool on the hill

empty headed, and yet, like 'the fool on the hill', he sees it all, knows it all, his brain contains the universe.


Dimensions : 12 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 8 kg
Year : 1999
Material : Glass
Technique : Casting
Style : surreal, figurative, contemporary

Fleur van den Berg

'Making sculptures is my way to deal with the world.'

also interesting:

‘it all happened before she knew it, but it never really had been different.’
Fleur van den Berg, Mixed Media, Glass
"reaching out, keep on hoping, deparately trying"
Fleur van den Berg, Textile, Mixed Media
golem, boneman
A ceramic sculpture about the cycle of life. Everything we waste comes back in the system. The figure is a creature that originated as a result of human action, a golem, a boneman and takes death with it in the form of dead animals such as birds, rats, mice, bees, butterflies and dragonflies. More information and images at: https://www.fleurvandenberg.nl/golem-boneman/
Fleur van den Berg, Ceramics, Natural materials
berenjas, bearscoat
The ‘bearscoat’ is specially made by Fleur for her lover. All the bears are second hand bears. We humans have a schizophrenic relationship with animals. We often find animals sweet and cute. They appeal to the imagination and we often attribute human qualities to them. We make stuffed animals and they appear in fables, fairy tales, stories and films. We keep pets and connect with them. At the same time, we often eat meat, some wear fur and keep building, which means that animal habitats disappear. The teddy bear is a mutilated caricature of a real bear. She is soft and harmless. The teddy bear is the most loved stuffed animal, an icon. He symbolizes the relationship between humans and animals par excellence. The bears are shaped into a jacket, they form a second skin. It offers protection, but it also hides. She hides her lover in the coat and makes him something else: he becomes a huge animal that you can hug. In addition to being her lover, the man is also a symbol of mankind. The jacket made of 'skinned' hugs, as a fashionable phenomenon, symbolizes the spirit of the times and the dominance of mankind.
Fleur van den Berg, Textile
‘Two minds, one thought’
Fleur van den Berg, Mixed Media, Textile
poow mood boom
sculpture in a primary school
Fleur van den Berg, Wood, Ceramics
tafelhondje, table-dog
'please, look at me'. Dog hanging a a sidetable. sculpture made of wood, textiles glass and wax. 3/3
Fleur van den Berg, Wood, Textile
silent monument
a monument for war victims, on a very small scale 'pile of legs, look like a pile of firewood'. The ends of the legs are polished to shine.
Fleur van den Berg, Glass
dead angels
'dead angels', have they fallen from heaven or are they beaten out of the air like insects? We don't know. Their wings are heavy of glass while their body is light.
Fleur van den Berg, Plastics, Glass
I am literally part of the recycle system, when I die, my body will be burned or decompose and live on as little particles in other things. I have also given life, which makes me part of the reproductive system. With the work 'MADREAEON, ILIVEMYLIFETREECYCLE' I made a portrait of myself as part of the recycle system and as a transferee of life. The posture of the woman is open, without a gene, the legs graceful like a Venus, the arms like branches of a tree. It is also like a blood vessel system, full of life.
Fleur van den Berg, Glass, Glass
'faster, more efficiënt, no time to contemplate....'
Fleur van den Berg, Glass
'drink my blood'
‘believe in me, love me, take me in so we will be connected. 'Everything is connected.’ A selfportet, refering to Christian traditions. The head and hands are cast in crystal glas. The inside is etched the rims polished. Inside there is red wine, diluted with water.
Fleur van den Berg, Glass, Mixed Media
vleugelmens (wingman)
This is how I feel sometimes and words can not really descripe it. Technique: fused glass edition of eight
Fleur van den Berg, Glass
ceramic, glazed, grinded
Fleur van den Berg, Ceramics, Ceramics
ceramic and rustpaint
Fleur van den Berg, Ceramics, Clay
The spherical shapes are inspired by the schematic representations of atoms and molecules. Small particles are everywhere: one moment in a plant, the next in an animal, a person, and sometimes in things too. 'molecular' symbolizes mankind as an inseparable part of the chain of life. It depicts the connection between all things, all live, everywhere. Luckily many people are increasingly aware of the influence of their own footprint
Fleur van den Berg, Bronze, Concrete
she enters a state of liquidity
A woman stretches back in one fluid motion: full of surrender. She is naked and sensual. The arms and the upper part of her body are transformed into water, enhancing the sense of surrender. She becomes part of a larger whole, flows with it. For centuries the woman has been a model, muse, (lust-) object for men. She is often eroticized. This sculpture is based on a feeling from within, not on a representation from the outside. It's time for a different perspective.
Fleur van den Berg, Marble, Synthetic resin
Hey, you there! How is your vulnerability? Are you very open to others or very closed? This person tries very hard to keep everything in balance. Without its head, the heart is fragile and weighs heavy.
Fleur van den Berg, Bronze
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