Marta Galmozzi


Sculpture (photographs printed on dibond, concrete base), 350 x 110 x 5 cm. Edition of 1.

A site-specific sculpture designed for the Middelheim Museum, an open-air sculpture park in Antwerp, approaches the theme of the human figure omnipresent in the collection of the museum. Rethinking the ancient sculptures that lost their body parts in time, the headless statue gives a contemporary interpretation to the classics.


Dimensions : 350 cm x 110 cm x 5 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 35 kg
Year : 2018
Material : Wood, Concrete, Installation, Mixed Media, Metal
Technique : Print
Style : figurative, contemporary, poetic

Marta Galmozzi

The work of Marta Galmozzi ranges from photography to sculpture and includes experiments involving the use of the image. She usually cuts out her pictures (or found-footages) and uses those pieces as sculptural elements that - enlarged or printed on different materials - create a different perception of the space. Her favored subjects are often human beings or their belongings that - displaced from their original background - are staged in the exhibition space and create a surreal dimension where new stories are possible. Marta seeks to push the photographic medium out of its traditional borders, by experimenting with different ways of display or support. Her attempt is to make the medium inclusive and to shorten the distance between the viewer and the artwork. By seeking the sculptural potential behind a photograph, Marta stages her pictures and explores the space as a mental place where her imagination can become true. The ambiguous relationship between real and virtual and the massive presence of images, typical of the contemporary, represent the main topics of Marta’s artistic research.

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Sculpture (photograph printed on forex), 180 cm x 55 cm x 3 cm, installation view. Edition of 1. A human-size sculpture represents a man standing alone in an angle. His body is ideally erased by the transparency of Photoshop. By showing this pattern, Marta shows a common action of her artistic practice.
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