Rainer Haindl


Finaly polished bronze
with metal plate, powder-coated


Dimensions : 24 cm x 11 cm x 7 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 3 kg
Year : 2013
Material : Bronze, Metal
Technique : Bronze casting
Style : abstract, contemporary, modern

Rainer Haindl

Geboren 1957 in Frankfurt a. Main als Sohn einer Künstlerfamilie,begegnete ich im Elternhaus in meiner Kindheit Maler, Bildhauer, Theaterschauspieler, Musiker und andere kreativ arbeitende Menschen. Schon zu dieser Zeit war ich als Kind von der dreidimensionalen Geszaltungsmöglichkeiten sehr beeindruckt und begann intuitiv mit dem Werkstoff Holz mich auseinander zu setzen. Die ersten freien skulpturalen Formen nahmen Gestalt an. Während meines künstlerischen Schaffens besuchte ich Kunstakademien und Workshops, sodass sich meine Formensprache weiter entwickeln konnte.
Anfang der 1990er Jahre begann ich zunehmend mit Olivenholz zu arbeiten. Wegen ihrer einzigartigen Wuchsform, lebhaften Maserung und dem extrem dichten und hartem Holz entwickelten sich wieder neue Formen.
Durch Experimentieren mit anderen Werkstoffen fand ich mit dem Material Gips neue Wege, meine Formenvielfalt zu erweitern. Zunehmend werden durch diese originalen Gipsplastiken Bronzeplastiken gegossen, die durch ihre feinpolierten Oberflächen der organsch fließenden Formensprache noch mehr Ausdruck geben.

Ästhetisch und einzigartig:
Dabei verfügen meine Werke nicht nur über eine außergewöhnliche Ausstrahlungskraft, sonder auch über einen hohen haptischen Aufforderungscharakter.
Das heißt:
In Kombination mit höchster Material - und Verarbeitungsqualität eröffnen sie dem Betrachter eine taktile Zugangsweise.
Oder man könnte auch sagen:
Contemporary Ultra - Modern Architectural Design wird zu einem Erlebnis mit allen Sinnen.
Dieses Erlebnis möchte ich gern so vielen Menschen wie möglich nahe bringen.

3D - Präsentation:
Wenn interessierte Kunden gerne eine Skulptur oder Plastik in ihrem privaten Umfeld oder im Präsentationsbereich ihrer Firma platziert haben möchten, ist es mir möglich, mittels modernster 3D - Technik, viertuell Skulpturen oder Plastiken realitätsgetreu in das Umfeld einzuarbeiten, um so einen ersten Eindruck zu vermitteln.
Für meine nächsten Projekte werde ich diese Möglichkeiten und Techniken weiter ausbauen. www.rainer-haindl.de


Born 1957 in Frankfurt a. M. Germany, brought up as a son of a family of artists, I met painters, sculptors, theater actors and musicians at my parent´s home. Already at that time, as a child, I was very impressed by the three - dimensional design possibilities and began intuitively to deal with wood as material.
The fist free sculptural forms took shape. During my artistic career, I participated in many courses in art academies and workshops and continually developed my formal language.
In the early 1990´s I started working with olive wood. Because of the unique growth form of the lively grain and the extremely hard wood, new advanced forms developed again.
By experimenting with other materials, such as plaster, I found new ways to expand my variety of forms.
These original plaster sculptures are cast in bronze. Thanks to their finaly polished surface, the bronze sculptures are able to give even more expression to the organic flowing design language.

Aesthetic and unique:
My works not only have an extraordinary charisma but also a highly haptic character.
In other words:
In combination with the highest quality of materials and workmanship, they open up a tactile approach to the viewer.
Or you could say:
"Contemporary Ultra - Modern Architectural Design" as an art experience with all senses.

I would like to bring this experience to as many people as possible.

3D presentation:
If interested customers would like to have a sculpture placed in their private environment or in the presentation area of their company - I am able to use the latest 3D technology to virtually place the sculpture in their future environment in order to give the first impression.

For my next projects I am going to expand these possibilities and techniques even further. www.rainer-haindl.de

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Receiving (rape)| caring - protecting - influencing
CARING PROTECTING INFLUENCING These are images of a group of nine cradle shaped objects. They convey a variety of perspectives we can choose from when looking at the process of receiving a child as well as looking at possible relationships between us and our children, might they be born already or not, might we be their biological parents or not.
Katharina Forster, Wood, Metal
Frei - Raum
Ahorn, mit Kirschbaumsockel auf Metallplatte Weitere Standort: Belpberg, Sigriswil. Rubigen
Lotti Meschter, Wood
gesprengte Normen
Ahorn, Bitumen, auf Metallplatte montiert
Lotti Meschter, Wood
Sea Horse
Sea Horse is inspired by a small antique bronze sculpture found in a temple dedicated to Poseidon, the god of the sea, and situated nearby Kalamata, my hometown. It provides an insight how people living about 2.500 years ago in Greece thought a mythical horse living in the sea would look like. The rare ancient miniature figurine is on continuous display in the archeological museum in Kalamata and it delivers an impression how mental and mechanical skills can turn spiritual ideas into visual and haptic objects. I do admire the practical way of thinking of the early artists and intend with this modern piece of art to raise awareness for these antique skills. This piece was initially created in plaster and additionally cast in bronze only recently. The bronze stand is part of the sculpture and cannot be disconnected.
Alexandra Kapogianni-Beth, Bronze
Maschinenmensch / Machineman
Andreas Rimpel, Gusseisen / Kubismus
Andreas Rimpel, Metal, Bronze
der Funke
Birnbaum, vom Wetter geschwärzt auf Metallplatte montiert
Lotti Meschter, Wood
Die Liebenden
Darstellung einer männlichen und einer weiblichen Figur sich gegenseitig stützend.
Manfred Reinhart, Marble, Granite
Void is an installation about energy, a person who is not there, but whose presence can be presumed, and a solid wind blows from the east. The two are connected, but the 'how' is an open story.
Karin van der Molen, Wood, Natural materials
Dandelions Dubai
Motive of the project were dandelions which are present in the nature but are made of acid resistant stainless steel electropolished. They are transferred from micro to macro scale, by modern form but also related to nature.
Mirek Struzik, Metal, Steel
Unsichtbares sichtbar machen, der Seele ein Gewand
Manfred Reinhart, Marble, Granite
Dandelions Wroclaw
Motive of the project were dandelions which are present in the nature but are made of acid resistant stainless steel electropolished. They are transferred from micro to macro scale, by modern form but also related to nature.
Mirek Struzik, Light, Metal
Finaly polished bronze Metal plate powder-coated
Rainer Haindl, Bronze, Metal
Sehnsucht, Integumentum, Denker, Vermächtnis
Manfred Reinhart, Stone, Marble
TÊTE 0110
Edition 2/8 Price with wooden base (10X10X10cm)
Patricia Dreyfus, Bronze
A Moment in a Glance 1917-2017
A young man, bald shaven, holding a skull in his hands. We don't know what he thinks, what he feels, who he is. His eyes are closed and he seems lost in concentration, his fingers rest firmly on the skull of another soldier. Was it a young man who died a century ago in France, perhaps? One stares at us, the other looks inside.
Margarete Adler, Plastics
Finaly polished bronze with metal plate, powder-coated
Rainer Haindl, Bronze, Metal
Tête 0264
Edition 2/8 Price with wooden base (10x10x10cm)
Patricia Dreyfus, Bronze
Raya ( Hibiscus )
Bunga Raya, with raya meaning celebratory or grand, the flower literally means “celebratory flower”, to reflect the celebration of unity in a multicultural nation.
Anniketyni Madian, Stone, Natural materials
Drei Stelen
Ibbenbürener Sandstein, Temperafarbe
Claudia Pleß, Stone
The cuboid-like shape is a modified Platonic volume. It becomes a module in an architectural structure or a setting that can be hidden or visible. Inspired by the traces of old buildings one might find in an ancient place, the installation calls to mind how these crumbling individual components now only serve as silent witnesses. However, at one time may have been the key element of a wall, or ceiling, etc. Regardless of their prior functionality, the aesthetic potential overrides the previous story.
Toma Gabor, Bronze, Ceramics
Skate boarding
Using a pose from skate boarding, this female figurine shows in her body language, a different side of being human
Nicolet Boots, Plaster, Textile
Bronzefigur auf bedruckten Acrylblock
Uwe Schwarz, Bronze, Mixed Media
Giant ant
The perspective angles are changing depending on the point of view looking at them.
Gerhard Petzl, Bronze, Metal
Bali Tengkebang #1
Translation of Pua kumbu textile pattern that originated came from Borneo, Malaysia
Anniketyni Madian, Wood, Installation
Bali Tengkebang #5
Translation of Pua Kumbu textile pattern into sculpture.
Anniketyni Madian, Wood, Wood
Suckling´s Benefit
Gummi, Kunststoff, Metall aus der Serie: Orgelpfeifentorsi, 2001/2002
Claudia Pleß, Mixed Media
Bronze Female Figure (40x60) Elegant naked female figure seeking for balance on an egg. The action is terribly difficult to perform but it lets to the uncovering of the true inner balance which leads to real eternal and deep happiness.
Anna Pirrello, Bronze
Kerasu Jaru
Translation of Pua Kumbu textile pattern into sculpture.
Anniketyni Madian, Wood, Installation
Mother´s Backbone
Wolle, Kunststoff; Holz, Metall aus der Serie_ Orgelpfeifentorsi, 2001/2002
Claudia Pleß, Mixed Media
Precarious times
Ephémères - Art Contemporain Sud Dordogne, Couze (France) Site: facade of an ancient paper mill Materials: foamrubber, wiremesh, cement, plaster, pigments
Cornelia Konrads, Installation
Warming Torso
Wolle, Jute, Gummi, Metall aus der Serie: Orgelpfeifentorsi, 2001/2002
Claudia Pleß, Mixed Media
Pärchen, abstrakt
Pärchen, abstrakt auf Steinsockel I Unikat I Aluminiumguss
Bettina Kohlen, Others
iLlegal housing 2018 / We are here
iLlegal housing 2018 "We are here" Spain, Mediterranean Sea + St. Marienkirche, Parchim, Germany
Herbert Hundrich, Plastics, Installation
Kayu Betimbau #2
Multiple and layering concept of works.
Anniketyni Madian, Wood, Installation
Turmspringerin I Bronze-Stahl-Stein I Unikat
Bettina Kohlen, Bronze, Stone
Im Wandel II (Nr. 60)
Stele aus Thüster Kalkstein, teilpoliert, mit Edelstahlhalter
Silvia Withöft-Foremny, Stone
Flugobjekte - Internationale Kunstausstellung auf dem Weinberg Eining, Neustadt a.d. Donau (Germany) Site: former vineyard, view across the Danube river Material: tree trunk, rubber, bench, paint
Cornelia Konrads, Installation
Embuas #2
Multiple and layering concept of works.
Anniketyni Madian, Wood, Mixed Media
Embuas #3
Multiple and layering concept of works.
Anniketyni Madian, Wood, Installation
Here and there
This work has 5 peeping boxes. The inside sceneries are visible by peeping through a hole on the boxes. Size: 20 - 50 square cm
Mari Terauchi, Mixed Media
Weltformel und Binärcode
Memory Stick V und VI, Massiver Baustahl, kalt punziert, verzundert und geölt, Tiefen vergoldet.
Wolf.Werk, Metal, Steel
Krieg und Frieden (Nr. 137)
Thüster Kalkstein "Krieger mit verwüstetem Gesicht, Rückseite: Schwangere unter Baum (Frieden)"
Silvia Withöft-Foremny, Stone
'Harmony'Bronze Inspired by acro-yoga
Martine Vyvey, Bronze
created to comemorate my home town of Yellow Springs, OH, hope of Antioch College and other schools, forests, publishing, artists, writers, engineers, educators and the like.
Jon Barlow Hudson, Bronze, Metal
Kain und Abel
Dieses Werk zeigt das Runde und Eckige, wobei das Runde für Abel steht und das Eckige für Kain.
Bernhard Keller, Stone, Marble
5 lakes. 2020
I've digged a lake out of the earth I. / 2019 2020 / II. - adapted / outside, landscape sculpture I've digged a lake out of the earth, / lifted him into the air, fixed his shape and form vessel reminding created in blue
Herbert Hundrich, Others, Installation
The Mountain Series 2014 - 2018
The Mountain Series of recycled materials influenced Gudrun by working in her Reykjavík studio on the site of one of Iceland’s leading providers of environmental management services and clean energy. “Slow but constant changes in the immediate surroundings made the work happen naturally”, Gudrun stated.
Gudrun Nielsen, Installation, Mixed Media
Ausstellung: Triade Berlin, 2012 Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig, 2008
Veronika E.M. Blum, Steel, Metal
Bronze Limited edition, 6
Marcel Börlin, Bronze, Metal
my proposal c 2018, for the Al Marmoom Desert Conservancy outside Dubai. one column of marble blocks--there will be about five to seven such towers, 15 meters tall at the installation.
Jon Barlow Hudson, Stone, Natural materials
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