Nevena Popović

Scattered Thoughts

Remont Gallery, 26/02-02/03/2018
Exhibition: The Time Collectors


Dimensions : 250 cm x 400 cm x 100 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 3 kg
Year : 2017
Material : Textile
Style : contemporary, poetic

Nevena Popović

Combining different art media, my attention is in the problem of individuals in complex circumstances, where personal interests are intertwined with society’s expectations. I am focused on psychological states of individuals, to their fears, doubts, hopes, expectations and other burden that they carry during lifetime journey.

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Clouds - Scattered Thoughts
9th International Wind Art Festival "moving wind" 19/8 - 2/ 9/ 2018 The Wind Art Festival "bewegter wind" is an international art competition that is only held in Northern Hesse. Every two years, the international wind art festival "bewegter wind" invites artists from all over the world to take part in a competition to examine the phenomenon of wind. In changing locations in Northern Hesse - in front of forests, mountain landscapes, lakes or quarries - objects are created that make the wind visible and allow it to merge with art.
Nevena Popović, Textile, Installation
1. Just one among many 2. The far future 3. Evan beautiful flowers remain so for a while 4. Memento mori
Nevena Popović, Ceramics
1. The Station 2. The Market 3. The Military Building 4.The Hospital
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"Nevena Popović presents her way of ‘slowing down life’, in order to prolong it, with a metal sculpture where she dismantles her own figure in motion into 7 representations. The British photographer Eadweard Muybridge, who invented a device called zoopraxiscope, i.e. an early movie projector, was interested also in the successive order of the human figure in motion. Unlike Muybridge, who aimed to achieve as realistic motion as possible with successive shots of the human figure in motion, Nevena Popović is trying to ‘stop’, i.e. to ‘slow down’, the accelerated rhythm of life’s reality with the successively lined representations of her own body in motion, executed in metal." by Olivera Erić
Nevena Popović, Metal, Steel
Road - Exit
IV International Art and Culture Symposium, Waste Materials Will Be Transformed into Permanent Art Project, Kartal Municipality Building, Istanbul, Turkey 1. Road, waste material 2. Exit, waste material 3. Marionette, waste material
Nevena Popović, Others, Mixed Media
Museum of Mining and Mettalurgy Bor 27. Art Colony Copper Bor, 2011
Nevena Popović, Bronze
There is no world, only islands...
Gallery "Belgrade" Aircraft, aluminium, glass, ash, photographs 23 x 84 x 6 cm
Nevena Popović, Metal, Installation more...
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