Quote from Bad RagARTz

Until November, 4 the 7th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture takes place in Bad Ragaz and Vaduz, with 400 works of art in the open air. There are also 9 sculpture network members. We asked them about their thoughts on their works.
Marcel Bernet – Populist, Pigment on oak, 250 x 80 cm, 2017

"The populist (here in Bad RagARTz) also builds a bridge between my working worlds. I see the same essence for my art and my coaching: where self-love and willingness to grow meet, greatness awaits that does not want or need anything. "Seeing yourself great and growing" instead of "Making great".

"The Populist" is the result of my engagement with aggression. That's another reason why it's hardly surprising that this sculpture arouses strong reactions. Its genesis combines topicality with personal life experience, art with coaching."


"Living greatness lies beyond the standards of possession and power that fascinate us all. We are a lifetime on the road between great and small, power and powerlessness. Where we encounter inner divisions with self-love, opposites connect to something new - something that has always been there."

Marcel Bernets Arbeiten in Bad Ragaz

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