Barcelona, Spain

Coordinator Catalonia ES

Neus Bergua

I got to know sculpture network in 2007, when the International Forum "Sculptures in the Street" was organised in Barcelona. I am a cultural manager and already arranged cultural meetings with various associations. In 2012, I became Coordinator in Catalonia with a Dialogue in Xavier CorberĂł's studio-workshop, I remember it was a great success for everything we saw and for the number of attendees. Since then, I haven't stopped!
I have participated in art trips such as: Tuscany, Den Haag, Scandinavia or Andalusia, where the opportunity to meet very special places and people have been wonderful.
I have also been a teacher of Philosophy and Catalan Language. And as I love my city, I have published articles and two books about Barcelona: "Barcelona insòlita" (2010); and, "100 passatges de Barcelona" (2015).

Events (1)


¡Canceled! - Dialogue in Mont-Roig (Tarragona)

Mont-roig del Camp (Tarragona), Spain

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