Curatorial Board Member

Laure Debouttiere

My name is Laure, I was born in Lyon in 1973. I live since 2022 in Braunschweig, Germany. Cultural exchange has always interested me. My path is made of travels, explorations, and connections with people and their stories.

In 2009, an encounter with contemporary art transformed and opened up new horizons for me.  Sculpture network is part of this. Lately, I have been mainly working as an independent researcher investigating the curating conditions of art in the specific context of today’s Russia. As an art historian, I cherish past heritage and particularly value the gaze and sensibility of artists; as an international business graduate and traveler, I value personal contact, networks, communities, and exchange. 

I am also a wife, a mother of four, and a friend of outside activities and nature. I have learned languages and discovered new cultures while living, studying, and working in France, Switzerland, England, Spain, the USA, and Russia.

As a curatorial board member, I look forward to expanding the reach of sculpture network, and to continue learning with and from its members. 

To me, art is magic… it can transcend boundaries and transform, as it has opened my eyes, shifted my perspectives, and embellished my life.

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