Our vision

In Sculpture Network we believe that sculpture is an important and valuable art form which has active and important role in contemporary society and digital future. Sculpture has tradition and roots in the beginning of humankind and it is essentially connected to our being in the world.

Sculpture Network aims to empower artists, sculpture related professionals and art lovers, by creating a network to communicate and collaborate on European level.
We want to develop a vibrant environment for exchange of experiences and best practices, new projects and business relationships and for dialogues aiming to develop deeper understanding of three-dimensional art topics.

We see sculpture as an important medium in the future, both on personal and social level. In this digital age we somehow lost sense of touch. Sculpture, in all its broad contemporary forms and variations, relies on physical presence, bodily relationship and touch. Creating sculpture or experiencing it, connects us to our somatic realities and material environment, grounds us and brings balance and clarity to our awareness of the world.

Sculpture Network brings together all people interested in contemporary three-dimensional art. We connect artists, mediators, collectors, experts and art lovers as well as sculpture associations, galleries, museums, sculpture parks, sculpture related suppliers, foundries etc.
We enhance promotion of sculpture and our members digitally, through website, Newsletter and The Online Club, and in person, by organizing art trips, and local and international events.

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