Invitation to the extraordinary general meeting of sculpture network e.V.

Dear members,

the board of directors of sculpture network e.V. hereby invites to an extraordinary members¬ī meeting of the association on 28 August 2020 at 11:00 a.m. CEST. The members¬ī meeting will take place by means of an online video conference via "Zoom".¬†

For this purpose, please confirm your participation in the members¬ī meeting by e-mail to by 22 August 2020 at the latest. We will send you the link for participation in the video conference by e-mail at the latest three days before the members¬ī meeting if you have announced your participation in time.¬†

The members¬ī meeting shall be convened with the following


TOP 1.        Verification of the quorum
TOP 2.        Election of a keeper of the minutes
TOP 3.        Resignation of the board of directors
TOP 4.        Elections to the board of directors
TOP 5.        Dissolution of the association
TOP 6.        Appointment of a liquidator
TOP 7.        Miscellaneous

Explanations to the agenda

From the point of view of the board, the association is in a difficult situation. This has been triggered, among other things, by the current Corona crisis, which has had a considerable impact on the association. Many members could not pay their membership fees due to Corona or will probably cancel their membership at the end of the year. The association is currently not able to acquire the necessary number of new members and we do not expect any positive development in the coming months or years. The situation of our current and potential future supporters does not look any better. This is reflected in very reduced sponsorships and donations. Due to its orientation and structure, the association cannot benefit from the numerous Corona aid packages from the public authorities in Germany or the EU.

Against the background of the situation described above and due to unresolved questions regarding the software used by the association, the board of directors does not consider itself to be in a position to continue to be responsible for the association's operational activities. The board members have therefore unanimously come to the conclusion that they should resign their offices and place the fate of the association in the hands of the members¬ī meeting. Provided that a new board of directors can be formed that is capable of dealing with the problems mentioned above, it will be possible to continue the association's activities. Otherwise, the only reasonable alternative for the association is dissolution in order to avoid liquidation.

In the 15 years of its existence, the network has offered new insights, fantastic experiences and new contacts throughout Europe. It would be a pity if this wonderful organisation were to disappear. We invite everyone who is seriously interested in the survival of the network to contact the board member Yke Prins by email at We will be happy to provide you with further information. 

With kind regards

Otto Vogel, Cornelia Hammans, Sabine Schaedle, Yke Prins and Isabelle Henn
Board of Directors of the sculpture network e.V.


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