kunstraum friesenstrasse

At the end of her active professional life, pharmacist Gisela Sperling started in 2017
with the establishment of an art collection. From the beginning, her goal was to share her enthusiasm for encountering art with others. This gave rise to the idea of setting up an art space that would make the Sperling Collection accessible to the public. In August 2019, the friesenstrasse art space in central Hanover was opened with the presentation of the collection „ The first look “.

The main focus of the collection, which has focused on art since 1950, is on artistic positions that focus on drawing or sculpture / developed from the drawing or from sculpture.
"I want to discover the realm in which drawing and sculpture are at home. “ Gisela sparrow

From the beginning, the Gisela Sperling Collection focused on artistic positions that are developed from the drawing or sculpture. In doing so, she explores the relationship between two arts that seem to design opposing worlds.

On one side the drawing, which is limited to the surface and creates the space here. On the other hand, the sculpture, which with its volume shapes the existing three-dimensional space. In the juxtaposition of plastic works and drawings, the viewer can enter into reflection on space, volume, illusion and drawing and discover the space of the drawing and the drawing in the sculpture.

The spectrum ranges from John Chamberlain's brass sculpture „ Whimblow “ to Daniel Buren's stripe patterns on light boxes to Silvia Bächli's reduced rulings,that refer to a room that is outside the drawing sheet. In the Friesenstrasse art space, artists are regularly invited to contribute their specific view of the room and the collection to exhibition interventions.

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