Via Pianello 451
Montefiore Conca

MISAM - Montemaggiore Arte Association

The biennial "The Young Sculpture", conceived by the Montemaggiore Arte Association (MISAM "International Museum of Outdoor Sculptures) under the patronage of the Municipality of Montefiore Conca (RN) was born in 2001, to give young artists a chance to establish themselves in the field. of the arts and meet, each in its different artistic expressions.

Different languages, since the participants come from different countries.
Since 2001, the artists who have left their mark on the material that today dialogues with visitors and the space of the open-air museum, continue to flood the territory with their expressive energy, with works made of different materials, from stone to marble. , travertine, cortèn, or stainless steel or colored mortars ...

MISAM is on a green hill, Montemaggiore di Montefiore Conca, known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and is only a few kilometers away from the Romagna and Marchigiana Riviera. From this hillock (MISAM) the eye is lost in a 360-degree space, which allows you to appreciate the Adriatic Riviera to the north east, Montefeltro (Urbino the mountains of the Umbrian Apennines of the Marches to the south), San Marino and the Apennines Tosco-Romagna to the west and part of the Po Valley.


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