Rumstalstr. 55
8408 Winterthur

Weiertal Winterthur cultural center

 Weiertal Winterthur Cultural Centre

The cultural location, which has existed for 2001 years, is concerned with contributing to the understanding of plastic art. We convey a wide range of currents from different positions with a focus on three-dimensional creation; Installations, objects, sculptures, kinetic works. The openness to new developments in artistic forms of expression should be promoted.

We are pleased about the great interest in our exhibitions. At the 

and at the Intermediate Year Exhibition 2020, we recorded around 7,000 visitors in the 3.5 months who came from large parts of Switzerland.

In the gallery rooms and in the park there are exhibitions with sculptures, pictures, installations and objects, light and video art. We are in preparation for the 2023 Biennale, which is curated by Sabine Rusterholz-Petko.

Networking and dialogue among artists is supported and promoted. For this reason, group exhibitions are shown in which established artists as well as young talents explore a common topic with different media and materials.



The two sculpture halls ( 50m2 and 80m2 ) in the lower area are used with changing exhibitions.

The 6000m2 charming park with trees, streams and ponds offers an ideal ambience for artistic objects in dialogue with nature. A summer bistro with outdoor seating gives you the opportunity to reverberate your impressions.

Winterthur artists show pictures and objects in the upper gallery rooms from May to October. The large bistra room for max. 50 art lovers who want to meet for a dinner or a session after a tour with aperitif.

The PERMANENTE sculpture room ( 120m2, height 6m ) offers an attractive exhibition forum of sculptures and objects by renowned artists from different positions.

The exhibitions are complemented and deepened by guided tours, discussion forums, artistic performances, musical improvisations and thematically appropriate readings.

Private tours of the gallery and sculpture park followed by an aperitif or food from our bistro ( can be booked individually by private individuals, art associations, teachers or companies.

Discussion forums are valuable platforms for dialogue between artists, curators, art collectors and the interested public.



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