Marktgasse 17
8180 Buelach zh

We offer support in: Planning and implementation of art and cultural projects whether for private individuals, artists, companies or the public sector


A new picture in the living room, a sculpture in the garden, its own studio, a solid one exhibition, a more sustainable Company event, a multi-day Culture happening, Art in construction or in public space?

Based on your request as a private person, artist, company, foundation or public sector, we jointly substantiate the question.

The initial interview is free of charge and serves to reflect and determine the first measures.


We define the necessary steps for success with you. With our time and cost management, we ensure an efficient and inexpensive process.

To network

The right partners with the right performance at the right time in the right place!

 We know the markets, providers, legal framework conditions and official bodies.

We would be happy to present exciting locations, meaningful artists and culinary opportunities.


To implement

The crowning glory of all preparations: Your question has been answered and solved – together we let it happen!

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