Mühlenstraße 12
18258 Schwaan

Kunstmuseum Schwaan


The art museum is an institution of the CITY OF SWAAN

Light-flowing forests, romantic evening moods, fascinating cloud and sky formations: The art museum shows expressive landscapes of the artist colony Schwaan in 19th and 20th on 600 square meters. Century. Changing exhibitions create connections to other artist colonies. Art shows with contemporary works take place annually. The Schwaan Art Museum is a member of the Association of European Artist Colonies. 


The artist trails lead in three paths around Schwaan. They deal with the subject of landscape painting and show the places where the works were once created. The starting point for the walk is the art museum. The paths lead out of the city center to the banks of the Warnow, into the Lindenbruch and back to the starting point. The main meeting point for the painters was the Drewes Hotel. The adjacent wine shop and the large dance hall gave the artists plenty of social evenings. In almost all artist colonies there were comparable hostels that enabled the artist to exchange and be together.



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