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Dialogue: Visit to Coup de Ville in Sint-Niklaas

Enjoy Coup de Ville in the city of Sint-Niklaas (BE), when artists take over the city.

Artists and sportsmen both dream of the top! Fame or tragedy feel equally intense. What similarities and differences are there between art and sport, in relation to talent, discipline, style, duration or strength? 

Once every three or four years, contemporary art platform WARP organizes Coup the Ville, curated by Stef Van Bellingen. WARP was founded with the legacy of artist Jan Buytaert (1939 - 2011).

Nicolas Lamas - Paroxymsm
Nicolas Lamas - Paroxysm


10:30 - 11:00 am Appointment at the starting point

11.30 Start visit Coup de Ville

13.00 lunch and dialogue

15.00 continue Coup de Ville and meet and greet with some artists

17.00 Start film Luk Van Soom

17.45 After drink/After talk

Online registration (see orange button) required by 17 April 2024!

The event will be held in Dutch. Max. 25 persons of participants.

normal price: 38 Euro
fee for SN members: 28 Euro
To be paid cash on the spot in an envelope 

Included: guided tour and entry
Not included: lunch and drinks

Starting point: WARP, Apostelstraat 20, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgien 
Transport: Trainstation Sint-Niklaas (Between Antwerp and Ghent)

Contact person:
This event is organised by Hilde van Cannyet, art critic and Sculpture Network Coordinator in Ghent / BE. If you have any questions about the event or registration, please contact info@sculpture-network.org.

Edith Ronse: Standing Locomotion, 2024. Photo:  Paul de Malsche
Edith Ronse - Standing Locomotion - Photo Pual De Malsche

Further information:
Do you want to stroll or do you prefer jogging? To enjoy the trail, each chooses their own tempo. Drawings, sculptures, paintings, videos, installations, glory and labour will be shown in nine remarkable places. Not only are 40 artists involved, but also coaches, athletes with Olympic ambitions and G-sport athletes are entering our stage. Throughout the exhibition there will also be introductions, workshops, interviews and other activities.

Coup de Ville 2024: a GAMECHANGER.

From Saturday, the 13th of April until Sunday the 19th of May, the 'Coup de Ville' arts trail will once again accelerate the pulse of the heart of Sint-Niklaas.

With the theme Artists & Athletes: the hill they climb, we are reigniting the feud between body and mind. After all, both in art and in sports people dream of the top! Opposite domains? An unbridgeable split? Yet in both, fame or tragedy feel equally intense. But what exactly is the meaning and what scope do aspects such as: talent, discipline, style, limitation, duration or strength have in both art and sport? These differences and similarities will be explored in detail in the upcoming Coup de Ville.

Participating artists:
Marina Abramović (RS), Philip Aguirre y Otegui (BE), Katja Aufleger (DE), Sven Boel (BE), Thomas Bogaert (BE), Márcio Carvalho (PT), David Claerbout (BE), Vanessa Daws (IE), Tramaine De Senna (US), Cécile Douard (BE), Filip Francis (BE), Futur-Velours (CD), Katrien Gaelens (BE), Orlando Gentils (BE), Frans Heirbaut (BE), Zarah Hussain (GB), Susanna Inglada (ES), Karel Koplimets (EE), Marie-Jo Lafontaine (BE), Nicolás Lamas (PE), Ina Makosi (SN), Stéphane Mouflette (FR), Pavel Opavský (RS), Stefan Peters (BE), Mikes Poppe (BE),  Michaël Pycke (BE), Yvonne Rainer (US), Edith Ronse (BE), Marianne Schipaanboord (NL), Eva Spierenburg (NL), Fiona Tan(NL),  Nadine Tasseel (BE), Mariette Teugels (BE), Adrien Tirtiaux (BE), Robert Van Dromme (BE), Samuel Vanderveken (BE), Luk Van Soom (BE), Thomas Verstraeten (BE), Katleen Vinck & Marc Vanrunxt & Jan Martens (BE), Miet Warlop (BE)

Exhibition creator: Stef Van Bellingen



Philip Aguirre - The African Dream
Philip Aguirre - The African Dream
© Tramaine De Senna, Keramiek Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling
© Tramaine De Senna, Keramiek Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling

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