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Faxe M. MĂĽller

Freiluftgalerie SCULPTOURA, Landratsamt Böblingen, Stabsstelle Wirtschaft und Tourismus
ParkstraĂźe 16
71034 Landkreis Böblingen

Open-air gallery SCULPTOURA

A game of art and nature in the district of Böblingen (GER)

The impressive SCULPTOURA open-air gallery will grow to over 100 sculptures made of wood, metal and stone by more than 70 artists by spring 2024. 

They are surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Schönbuchlichtung, the Würmtal and the Heckengäu. From spring 2024, the SCULPTOURA will run through the entire district of Böblingen: from Waldenbuch to Weil der Stadt and now all the way to Leonberg. 


artist: Faxe MĂĽller
artist: Faxe MĂĽller
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