Umeå University
901 87 Umeå

Eight Degrees / Contemporary Art About The Forest

The exhibition presents contemporary art that tells the story of man's complex relationship with the forest, from the perception of an inviolable intrinsic value to the notion of something to be used, as an economic resource or a place for recreation. What is a forest? And what questions about it are urgent here and now?

Matti Aikio, Gerd Aurell & Micael Norberg, Malin Arnell & Åsa Elzén, Toms Kokins, Norrakollektivet, Elia Nurvista, Uriel Orlow, Edith Marie Pasquier, Jörgen Stenberg and Lena Ylipää.

Through photography, film, sculpture, drawing, textiles, sound, and installation, the artists invite us to reflect on the forest, viewed and portrayed from different perspectives and with different experiences. Their works raise questions about tradition and the future, about forestry, land conflicts, biodiversity, and about the forest as a sacred place.

The title of the exhibition, Eight Degrees, is borrowed from Jörgen Stenberg's poem of the same name.

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