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Dialogue in Oudenaarde and Rozebeke

Visit to exhibition and studio Johan Tahon

Visit to exhibition and studio Johan Tahon

The Belgian sculptor Johan Tahon is internationally reknowned for his towering figures that reflect inner emotional states. They are made of plaster and bronze, and more recently, of ceramics, covered with dripping glazes.
We will visit his retrospective exhibition at the MOU Museum (Oudenaarde, Belgium). Followed by an exclusive visit to the studio of the artist in Rozebeke. The artist talk will be moderated by Hilde Van Canneyt, a well-known art journalist, curator and new coordinator of sculpture network in Belgium.


13.00 Coffee- and networking in Café ‘t Pand, Oudenaarde
14.00 Guided tour to the exhibition of Johan Tahon at the MOU, Oudenaarde
15.30 Travel to Rozebeke (ca. 15 min with carsharing)
16.00 Studio visit JOHAN TAHON and artist talk in Rozebeke

Normal price 22,50 EUR
sculpture network members 12,50 EUR
Included: Entrance fee at MOU, guided tour, studio visit and artist talk.
Not included: consumptions. To be paid in cash on the spot.

To participate please sign up with the Register Now! button at the end of the page.
Registration deadline: 18/10/2021

Language is Dutch, English if needed.


There are many sides to the sculptor Johan Tahon: light and dark, simplicity and mystery, freedom and interconnectedness, heaven and hell, poetry and metal. He knows many loves. He is water, air, fire and earth. He is ceramics, plaster and bronze. There are multiple Johan Tahons and they are all part of his work.

Each is revealed in the exhibition UNIVERSUS, JOHAN TAHON, SCULPTURES 1999-2021: all the Tahons that he has feverishly mined over the past twenty years. In addition to an outstanding selection of his own creations, the exhibition offers a surprising insight into the artist’s impressive private collection.

About Johan Tahon

Johan Tahon (b. 1965, Menen) studied sculpture and was not yet thirty when he entered the international art arena. His sculptures can be found in important public and private collections and are regularly exhibited in renowned galleries and leading museums in Belgium and abroad.

The event has been organized by Hilde Van Canneyt, art journalist, curator and coordinator of sculpture network in Belgium

Photo: Johan Tahon, Dieu Fleuve III, 2010, plaster, leather belt, 290 × 110 × 95 cm. Exh. View MOU, Oudenaarde, BE. Photo Gert Jan van Rooij




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