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Dialogue from Deventer to Zutphen

IJsselbiennial: Meet the curator and bike tour
Dat Bolwerck: artists' talks at the exhibition "Stil het tij"

IJsselbiennial: Meet the curator and bike tour
Dat Bolwerck: artists' talks at the exhibition "Stil het tij"

<p>The IJsselbiennial takes the fantastic river IJssel and its history as a point of departure. After an introduction of curator Mieke Conijn, we will visit seven of the commissioned site specific installations, on a bike tour from Deventer to Zutphen.<br />
Our tour ends at the 16th century exhibition space Dat Bolwerck in Zutphen. Film artist Pat van Boeckel and member Karin van der Molen will tell about their reflective exhibition Stil het Tij.</p>


<p>12.00 Lunch and networking in restaurant Meadows. Introduction IJsselbiennial by <strong>curator Mieke Conijn</strong>.<br />
13.00 Biking tour starting at Deventer, ending at Zutphen (ca. 20 Km). On the way we will visit seven of the Biennial artworks<br />
15.30 Visit exhibition &quot;Stil het tij&quot; at Dat Bolwerck. Drinks and artist talk with FIlm artist <strong>Pat van Boeckel</strong> and sculpture network member <strong>Karin van der Molen</strong></p>

<p>We recommend to come by train. Or at the end of the bike tour you have to travel back from Zutphen to Deventer to get your car.

Normal price: 30,- EUR
sculpture network members: 20,- EUR
To be paid in cash at the event. The fee includes:

  • curator led tour
  • ticket to the exhibition
  • artist talks
  • rental bike
  • two drinks at Dat Bolwerck. (Lunch at the Meadows Restaurant at own expenses)</li>

To participate please register online by using the &quot;Register now&quot; button at the end of the page. Deadline: 02/09/2021</p>

<p>The event will take place in Dutch, English if needed.</p>


<h5>About the IJsselbiennial</h5>

<p>The outdoor exhibition consists of a series of monumental and stimulating works of art in the IJssel landscape by 27 artists. A 120-kilometre cycle route leads to all the works of art: a voyage of discovery through the landscape along the most beautiful river of the Netherlands. The IJssel Biennial is a manifestation about the relationship between man and landscape. The motivation and the theme are the impact of climate change on our landscape: a subject as urgent as it is relevant, confronting society with major dilemmas and discussions. For the outdoor exhibition, our team of curators invited 27 artists from the Netherlands and abroad to create a new, temporary work of art at special locations in the IJssel valley between Doesburg and Zwolle. They were inspired by the place and the theme, with this edition entitled TIME, AGE and TIMELESS. What effects does climate change have here on the landscape and its inhabitants? What can be done to mitigate or prevent the effects? And what opportunities might it bring? What effect does the TIME factor have on our landscape and its challenges?<br />

<h5>"Stil het tij" (Silence the tide) at Dat Bolwerck</h5>

<p>As part of the IJssel Biennale, five artists react to our relationship with water. In Dat Bolwerck too the IJssel flows: the level of the well in our cellar rises and falls with the river. Pat van Boeckel, Pieter van de Pol, Karin van der Molen, Annelies Alewijnse and Sterre Arentsen descend into our cistern and respond with time- and place-related work that immerses the audience in the central theme of our time and that of the IJssel Biennial in particular: how do we turn the tide in a time when all developments are interconnected and reinforce each other?</p>


<p>The event has been organised by <a href="">Anne Berk</a> Vice-Chairman of sculpture network and Coordinator for the Netherlands.</p>

<p>In cooperation with:</p>

<p>Cover picture: Elmo Vermijs, <em>The Way of Soil</em>. Photo Jeroen Brink</p>



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